Concordia's Central Park gets a facelift

Wednesday, November 11, 2009
Rich Suhr, who runs a tree trimming and stump grinding business, removes an old tree at Central Park. (Photo by Nathan St. Clair)

Concordia Central Park experienced some alterations to its landscape this month.

The Concordia Parks and Recreation Board decided in August to remove and transplant several trees in the park.

The project started with the removal of three trees. Two trees -- maples in the middle and north side of the park -- were dying. The third -- a conifer on the south side -- was too close to the powerlines and an eyesore, said Jody Bergman, Concordia Parks and Recreation Director.

He said the maples will be replaced by Concordia Oaks from Edwin A. Pape Lake. There are no plans to replace the conifer tree.

Also the Mayor Kurth Maple, near the Kathryn Kulman memorial, will be moved to the north side of the park.

Bergman said planting new trees in the park is a challenge because he has to keep in mind what space is needed each year for the Concordia Fall Festival.

City Administrator Dale Klussman said two more trees might be removed in the future. A large tree in the middle is crowding out smaller trees growing up around it. Herman Suhr, who helped remove the trees with his son, Rick, said when small trees are planted too closely to taller, larger trees, the smaller ones cannot receive enough sunlight. This causes them to grow crooked or lopsided.

The other tree is in a group of trees near the caboose and it appears to be dying.

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