Fire reported in semi trailer at truck stop

Wednesday, November 18, 2009
Concordia firefighters were called to TravelCenters of America after a load of used batteries caught fire in a tractor-trailer unit parked there. (Nathan St. Clair)

A semi-trailer truck carrying a load of used batteries caught fire Wednesday morning at the TravelCenters of America truck parking lot in Concordia.

Smoke rolled from the back of the trailer as the driver and TA employees watched the Concordia Fire Protection District spray water into the back of the trailer through the open doors.

After an initial spray of water, the truck driver unhooked the truck from the trailer and parked it a safe distance away.

The firefighters then doused the smoldering batteries with Class A foam. The foam, fire chief Mark Tobias said, helped smother the fire.

Two batteries shorting out against each other is believed to have caused the fire, he said.

Tobias said the driver of the truck had stopped twice on Interstate 70 and tried to extinguish the fire before stopping at TA and calling the fire department.

The fire district had responded to a report of a smoking truck on I-70, a mile east of Emma junction, shortly before the incident at TA, but it was not the same truck.

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