Tax levy approved

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Although the Concordia Board of Aldermen approved a small increase in the city's property tax levy, the overall impact to residents will be minimal.

The board paused its regular meeting Monday night to hold a public forum on the matter, with Wes Langkraehr as the only resident in attendance.

City Administrator Dale Klussman said his recommendation was to levy the maximum amount allowed by law.

Going with the recommended level would increase the city's levy to 53.34 cents per $100 of assessed valuation. This represents an increase of 1.89 percent over last year's levy of 52.35 cents.

Klussman said the city's levying power is small compared to other entities.

"We don't carry the high tax ceiling the school does," he said.

Klussman said it was important to note although the levy has increased, the amount of funds the city expects to generate remains constant at $143,247.

He said this was because the city saw a ­drop in the assessed valuation of personal property tax.

"It's the same tax," Klussman said. "It's just being leveled off."

The drop in personal property tax values is being attributed to the economy. People are holding off on replacing vehicles, meaning the average age of vehicles in the community is increasing, while the value of those vehicles is decreasing.

Following the public hearing, the board resumed its regular session and approved the proposed levy amount by unanimous vote.

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