Project will improve residential water pressure

Wednesday, November 10, 2010
A new waterline being installed through the Trail of Memories project will improve the water pressure of residents between South Sunset Hills Drive and South Bismark Street.

Those living in the northwest section of Concordia, between South Sunset Hills Drive and South Bismark Street might in the next few years experience an increase in their water pressure.

Two weeks ago, the Concordia maintenance crew started installing several hundred feet of 12-inch waterline through an area of the Trail of Memories west of Central Park. The new line will create more storage, but no increase in pressure at this time, City Administrator Dale Klussman said.

However, the waterline is the first in several new lines that will connect all the city's main lines, which will ultimately improve the city's water pressure for residents and fire hydrants.

Klussman said since city crews will do much of the work, a definite date could not be set for the project's completion.

Once completed, the new line will run east and west from 5th Street to possibly Sandia Drive. Klussman said this is the official plan, but it could change if an alternate connection can be made west of South St. Louis Street.

According to the original plans, at South Sandia Drive the line will connect to an existing one that runs from the city's water tower north of Interstate 70.

At 5th Street, another line laying north and south will connect to the city's standpipe and continue north under I-70 and tie into a water main running from the water tower.

Klussman said the new lines will create a complete circulation of the city's water and will allow the city to get more use from its standpipe. Booster pumps will be installed at the standpipe and will accelerate water flow during peak hours.

He said currently only a quarter of the standpipe's capacity can be calculated, but with a complete circuit and booster pumps more of its volume can be considered in the ratings.

Right now, the standpipe is rated for about 120,000 gallons, but with the adjusted rating it would be approximately 400,000 gallons.

Klussman said it is the equivalent of adding another water tower, yet significantly cheaper. The entire project will cost between $1.2 and $1.6 million. This is about one-fifth of the cost of a new water tower.

Most of the cost will come from boring under Missouri Highway 23 and I-70 as well as the purchase and installation booster pumps at the standpipe, which is estimated to cost $200,000 to $250,000.

Klussman said the city has for several years wanted to run an additional waterline under I-70. The new line would give another access if something happened to one of the other water mains.

With city crews doing portions of the work, this will significantly reduce labor costs for the project. However, they have other responsibilities throughout the year, which means they can only work on it as time allows.

The remaining projects the city cannot complete will be put out for bids from contractors.

In December, Klussman said the city will begin requesting for bids for boring under Highway 23, unless changes are made to the original plans.

"We should get good volume and good flow from the new lines," Klussman said.

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