Fire protection district board holds meeting

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The Concordia Fire Protection District board members met July 11 at the Concordia fire house. Those in attendance were Terry Kammeyer and Dale Dieckhoff; Roger Meyers, assistant fire chief; Chris Robison, EMS captain; and Debbie Wulser, secretary.

New engagement letters from Randall Fiene, CPA, with an increase of $5 monthly for both the fire and ambulance departments, were approved.

Wulser reported a refund of $378 from Mike Keith Insurance for the department's 1979 Ford fire truck that was sold. It was deposited in the regular checking account.

Robison discussed the possible purchase of an autopulse device, a non-invasive cardiac support pump that moves more blood, more consistently than is possible with human hands.

The cost from Zoll Medical Corporation is $9,450. The board asked Robison and Wulser to check into other manufacturers and pricing.

A request was made for fire and EMS volunteers to be present at a July 16 tractor pull sponsored by the Concordia Civic Club. The board recommended volunteers ask Don Schlesselman, member of the Civic Club, about reimbursement and if their presence is required by the pulling association.

Robison also reported the ambulance department is on automatic response to Alma on any fire call, due to the extreme heat and the need for cooling down.

Meyers discussed the need for ice rescue training and equipment, but recommended they wait for cooler weather.

Kammeyer informed Meyers there would be FEMA grants coming available but was not sure when the application period would open, and Meyers should go to the fire department for suggestions of needs and wants.

Kammeyer received a report of a dry hydrant. Meyers was asked how often the hydrants were tested, and he replied, yearly. Kammeyer asked if time could be kept on how long it takes to get water from any of the existing hydrants.

Kammeyer also stated he wanted to schedule a clean-up for the firehouse landscaping at the first regular fire meeting in August with several firefighters helping.

The fire and ambulance bills presented for payment were approved.

The financial report included: fire department checking account balance, $778; ambulance checking account, $20,605; fire NOW account, $41,741; ambulance NOW account, $46,763; ambulance department certificate of deposit at State Bank of Missouri, $134,184.

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