Blackburn's broken siren replaced by weather radios

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

In place of a broken storm siren, the Blackburn Board of Aldermen voted last Monday to purchase weather radios to be distributed to each household and business within city limits.

Blackburn City Clerk Janet Eiccholz said the city plans to purchase 125 weather radios at $30 each. She said there area approximately 100 homes within the city limits and the remaining radios will go to businesses and be used as replacements.

Eiccholz said the storm siren has been out of service for almost a year and to replace it will cost between $15,000 to $20,000.

The city would like to replace the siren as soon as possible, but will try to wait until it can secure a grant to pay for it, Eiccholz said.

According to records from last Monday's meeting, the city does not have the funds in the city budget to purchase a new siren at the present time.

Eiccholz said with extreme weather conditions occurring throughout the midwest in last few weeks, the board wanted to do something to ensure citizens are aware of dangerous weather situations.

In other business, city officials are exploring options for replacing a pump at the city lagoon. Alliance Pump and Mechanical Service will send the city an estimate for a new pump. Instead of waiting until the next meeting for a decision to be made, the board gave mayor Karen Sims and Alvin Moenkhoff permission to make a decision as to whether the pump should be replaced or repaired.

Mike Keith Insurance Inc. of Higginsville gave the city of Blackburn a renewal of insurance request. The new proposal, which would go into affect April 12, has a yearly net increase of $536. According to minutes from the meeting, the increase is due to losses incurred from the severe storms in 2011. The board unanimously voted to accepted the proposal from Mike Keith Insurance.

Blackburn City Clerk Janet Eichholz, who represents the city on the I-70 Scholarship Fund Board, agreed to serve another three-year term on the board.

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