City of Concordia selects Meyer Motors Inc. to provide towing services

Thursday, December 20, 2012

The Concordia Board of Aldermen voted three to one Monday night to name Meyer Motors Inc. in Concordia as the city's preferred towing service.

In a closed meeting prior to Monday's meeting, an advisory committee reviewed contract proposals from Meyer Motors and Wilkinson Tow LLC, headquartered in Odessa. The companies were judged based on several criteria including responsiveness, capabilities and cost. For each criteria, the companies received corresponding scores.

Both companies scored the maximum amount for capabilities (35 points) and responsiveness (35 points). Concerning cost, Wilkinson Tow was lower in most areas than Meyer Motors, and received the maximum points (35), while Meyer Motors received 25 points.

The board questioned both companies about their ability to handle certain types of situations such as moving large trucks or towing vehicles from the rear instead of the front end. Both companies assured the board they could handle a variety of special circumstances.

Alderman Mark Schnakenberg questioned Wilkinson Tow owner Travis Fricke about his company's capabilities to respond in a timely fashion since the company's main office is based in Odessa. Fricke responded by saying a tow truck is permanently stationed in Concordia and any other equipment that would come from Odessa could be in Concordia within 20 minutes, as required per the city contract.

Schnakenberg said in his opinion the city should support local businesses, and he challenged Fricke on the matter of his company being truly local.

Fricke countered that his business is technically considered local. He holds a local business license and owns a lot for his business within city limits.

"You may want to say you're a local business, but you're not," Schnakenberg said. "You just moved a truck down here and you're opening up shop here. That's the reality of it."

"I am a local business," Fricke responded to Schnakenberg. "I've got a tow lot; I've got a phone number. ... According to state statute, I am a local business. I bought my license; I got a truck here; [and] I got exactly what your (the city's) contract states here. I got everything right. ..."

"I am not arguing that," Schakenberg said, "I am actually not arguing anything at all.

"What I am saying is we have two companies that are almost identical here. Very, very close; very similar. And, what I am saying is we have a company that has proven their dedication to our community, and I have to say I support them. That's just the way I feel."

Schnakenberg said Fricke's business lacked a history of community commitment and years of dedication and those factors weighed heavily on his decision.

"You may have that outside of this community, but not in it," the Ward I Alderman said.

Fricke said, "You want to go by the contract; I went by the contract and did exactly what it said. [If you] put the contact out there, you need to put that in the contract."

Schnakenberg said those sorts of credentials may not have been included in the contract, but they are still aspects of the decision process he had to consider.

Schnakenberg ended the heated exchange with Fricke by presenting a motion that the city accept the bid proposal from Meyer Motors. Ward II Alderwoman Ruthie Fischer seconded the motion. Aldermen Ken Landes, Schnakenberg and Fischer voted in favor of the motion and Alderman Mark Schelp voted against it.

Under the contract, Meyer Motors made the following agreements:

* Normal Tow/Recovery: $35;

* Special Tow/Recovery: winching per vehicle, $100; dollies service per call, $25;

* large vehicle tow/recovery: $100 hook-up;

* per-mile charge: $3;

* storage charges per day: $30;

* service calls: $25;

* release charges: $25; and

* waiting time: $50 per hour.

Wilkinson Tow was lower for each service except release charges and waiting time.

As the preferred towing service, Meyer Motors will be contacted by the Concordia Police Department or city of Concordia any time a vehicle needs the local public entities need a vehicle towed.

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