Tax levys set by county commission

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

The Lafayette County Commission held an open hearing Thursday to set tax levys for the county for next year. Most of the levys will stay the same.

The total assessed valuation for the county for 2013 was $403,642,971. The 2013 general revenue levy rate was 0.1900 per $100. Due to a half-cent sales tax rate that passed last year, the commission was able to lower the general revenue tax levy to 0.1850 per $100.

It is something they were hoping to do because of the sales tax rate change. The road and bridge, and johnson grass levys will stay at 0.2196 and 0.0101, respectively.

The 2013 assessed valuation of the 1-E common road district was $14,857,131. The levy will stay at 0.3717 per $100. The 2013 assessed valuation of the 2-W common road district was $32,854,446. Its levy will also stay at 0.3413 per $100.

An other item on the meeting agenda was the announcement of the resignation of Rod Kirchhoff, emergency response planner with the Lafayette County Health Department. Kirchhoff will be moving on to a position as the EMS director for Higginsville. A position he also held in 2004.

"Thank you for your help, your laughs, your share of complaints, your teachings but most of all thank you for your friendship," said Kirchhoff in his letter of resignation.

A new staff member has been added to the 2-W common road district. Cory Suhr will replace Darrin Call in the heavy-equipment position with the county.

Representatives from Citizen's Cablevision, in Higginsville, requested approval for a permit to lay new cable lines. The company recently received two new requests for service on Afec Road in Higginsville.

The company will dig 24-30 inches to lay the lines for service. The permit request was approved by the commission.

Finally, Commissioner Gil Rector met with the Lafayette County Extension along with another county employee Thursday evening to discuss the printing of county plat books.

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