Surprise accident at Meyer Motors

Friday, March 28, 2014
A mid-morning accident caused damage to a trash receptacle and two Ford F-150 trucks on the Meyer Motors vehicle lot after a motorist accelerated, rather than braking, when attempting to park near Mouse's Barber Shop, in Concordia. (Charles Dunlap/The Concordian)

At approximately 9:30 a.m. Friday, March 28, an accident occurred across the street from Meyer Motors, in Concordia.

According to Concordia Police Chief Jim Lynn, an elderly man from Higginsville was in town to receive a haircut at Mouse's Barber Shop. He was driving northbound on Main Street and was preparing to park his Chevrolet truck, according to witnesses.

"He was driving slow to park. Everything looked normal and then he kept driving," said the witness.

Another witness had a chance to talk with the driver, and the driver said he thought he was braking, but instead he was accelerating.

"We're still assessing the amount of damage," said Lynn, adding an accident report is being drafted.

Lynn also said the driver believed his brakes weren't working but there were skid marks at the scene, which show the brakes were functional.

There were no injuries to the driver, but he did strike two Ford F-150 4x4s on the Meyer Motors vehicle lot. They received front bumper damage, and the front end of the driver's Chevrolet was moderately damaged.

Family members took the man and his vehicle home. According to Lynn, the front bumper of the truck had to be pulled away from the right front tire so the vehicle could be moved.

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