Waverly students safe: External gunshot sounds determined hunting related

Friday, September 5, 2014

The sound of gunshots was cause for concern Friday, Sept. 5, and quickly resulted in a "hall freeze" at Santa Fe Elementary School, in Waverly.

The lockdown occurred after staff members heard external gunshots seeming to come from north of the school building. After deputies arrived in the area, they learned the shots were from hunters. There was no threat to the school, and no one was injured.

According to Superintendent Gini Barnett, the school follows this type of safety protocol even when a potential threat is external and unidentifiable.

"The principal (Mrs. Tieman) is very good, and response (by deputies) was very quick," she said, adding school resumed shortly thereafter as per deputies' direction.

The district sent out a text cast to parents and guardians, informing them of the incident and ensuring children were safe. School officials also planned to send informational flyers home with students that detail safety protocols.

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