Wescott seeks assistance to continue mission

Wednesday, February 4, 2015
(Photo courtesy needle2square.com)

In May 2014, Steve Wescott and his goat, Leeroy Brown, stopped in Concordia for a brief respite of their walking journey from the Space Needle, in Seattle, Wash., to Times Square, in New York City.

The pair were walking to raise funds for Uzima Outreach and Intervention. The organization hopes to build an orphanage in Nairobi, Kenya.

They team of Wescott and Brown walk for approximately nine months of the year. During the winter months, Wescott said he gets a job once they reach a stopping point. The two started their journey May 2, 2012.

Wescott also has had speaking engagements thr-oughout the walk.

However, due to governmental requests, Uzima is having to move the location of the orphanage by Oct. 1 and is seeking assistance.

Uzima has started a capital campaign to purchase land and facilities to house its children. Wescott started a speaking tour last month to also help raise funds.

Along with the orphan care facilities, Uzima wants to establish a sustainable farm on the chosen land.

Currently, there are 40 children and 11 staff members living in a five-bedroom home in Nairobi, according to www.needle2square.com.

The goal of Uzima is to buy enough land for farming/agriculture as well as a permanent children's home.

For more information visit www.needle2square.com.

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