Concordia Bank works for rezoning for Odessa Branch

Wednesday, June 17, 2015
The property at 325 S. Second Street and its neighboring vacant lot to the north is the potential home for a Concordia Bank branch, in Odessa. Representatives from the bank met with Odessa's Planning and Zoning Commission in May and will learn if the residential properties will be rezoned as commercial at the commission's July meeting. (Photo via Google Street View®)

At the May meeting of the Odessa Planning and Zoning Commission, representatives from Concordia Bank, which included senior vice presidents Greg Warren and Corey Hall and attorney Brent Teichman, presented plans for a branch facility at the corner of Second and Orchard streets, in Odessa. Rezoning is required from residential to commercial for the two lots needed to house the facility, according to reporting from The Odessan.

A branch of the bank is located inside Patricia's Cost-Plus Foods. The potential structure will be a full-service bank, rather than service window, and include drive-through banking, as well as an ATM.

"It's just south of the downtown district," said Warren. "It's in the same block as the new Casey's (General Store.)"

The properties for the bank's location are under contract, according to The Odessan. Earlier in 2015, the commission designated the block as part of the Highway 131 corridor and tied it to the city's sign code, which is possibly applicable to other aspects of commercial building, the report stated.

After the construction of the Casey's General Store in 2011 the area falls into a Commercial-Residential Transition (CRT) zone. At a March workshop in regard to the CRT zone, it was suggested businesses within the block should either be in former homes or in newly constructed buildings which resemble homes, from Odessan reporting. According to Hall, the facility will have similar architecture to its Laurie branch, which has the appearance of a cabin with yellow siding.

"We think it's good for the city of Odessa," he said. "Any banking needs can go there. It will allow us to better serve our existing customers and maybe gain new customers by being downtown."

Searching for an optimal location has taken many years, noted Hall at the P&Z meeting, and real estate pricing was also a factor. Hall also said the bank will do whatever is necessary by city codes.

Due to the documentation process, the bank will not learn of a decision by the commission until its July meeting. If approved, construction could start right away, said Hall.

"We already have a plan of how it will sit on the lot. We're working with Federal Contractors, of Springfield. They're a primarily bank-building company, and we've used them in the past," he explained.

The planned building is approximately 2,200-square feet, which includes two drive-through lanes, with a potential of expanding to three, the banking lobby and the ATM.

The facility has the potential to have up to three jobs available, in addition to the current staff of the Patricia's location.

There is a planned buffer to the block's residences with shrubbery, said Hall at the meeting. The parking area would also use LED lighting, which results in reduced light pollution for residential neighbors. Another positive, according to Teichman, is while there will be increased traffic, it won't be as much as compared to another gas station, The Odessan reported.

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