2015 Concordia Fall Festival floriculture results

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

NOTE: Due to space limitations in the Sept. 16 and 23 editions of The Concordian the floriculture results have not yet been published in The Concordian.

Results of the floriculture show held during the 2015 Concordia Fall Festival are:
African Violet ― blue, Martha Schreiman; Begonia, dragon wing ― blue, Phyllis Mieser; white, Lari Huntze; Gerbera Daisy ― blue, Martha Schreiman; Cactus/Succulent ― blue, Karen Schroeder; red, Martha Schreiman; white, Lisa Oetting; Coleus ― blue, Stephanie Snyder; red, Martha Schreiman; white, Kelly Virus; Geranium ― blue and grand champion floriculture, Faith Moore; red, Erin Moore; white, Martha Schreiman; Impatiens ― blue, Phyllis Limback; red, Alleen Fuchs; white, Von Cile Heermann; Mixed Potted ― blue, Martha Schreiman; red, Phyllis Limback; Fern, Boston ― blue, Martha Schreiman; red, Phyllis limback; Fern, Asparagus ― blue, Kelly Virus; red, Martha Schreiman; Ivy ― blue, Loren Limback; red, Lari Huntze; white, Phyllis Limback; Philodendron ― blue, Evelyn McKnight; red, Danny Newell; Other flowering plant ― blue, Ruth Rodewald; red, Phyllis Limback; white, Loren Limback; Other foliage plant ― blue, Phyllis Limback, red, Lisa Oetting; white, Martha Schreiman; Unique ― blue, Phyllis Limback; Aster ― blue, Evelyn McKnight; red, Judy Beissenherz; white, Martha Schreiman; Chrysanthemum ― blue, Martha Schreiman; Cosmos ― blue, Stan Langkraehr; Dianthus ― blue, Evelyn McKnight; red, Martha Schreiman; Marigold (small) ― blue, Carol Cook; red, Evelyn McKnight; white, Nadean Reith; Marigold (large) ― blue, Evelyn McKnight; Petunia ― blue, Stephanie Snyder; red, Carol Cool; white, Nadean Reith; Petunia, variegated ― blue, Martha Schreiman; red, Carol Cook; white, Stephanie Snyder; Salvia ― blue, Ailleen Fuchs; red, Laura Pummill; white, Dorothy Sipe; Snapdragon ― blue, Josiah Kunkel, red; Judy Beissenherz; Strawflower ― blue, Judy Beissenherz; Vinca ― blue, Laura Pummill; red, Kelly Virus; white, Evelyn McKnight; Zinnia (large) ― blue, Kelly Virus; red, Martha Schreiman; white, Jennifer Kunkel; Zinnia (small) ― blue, Diane Heimsoth; red, Josiah Kunkel; white, Marla Harshman; Other garden flowers ― blue, Martha Schreiman; red, Shauna Fagel; white, Kathy Fagel;

Junior Division Marigold ― blue, Ryan Kunkel; red, Faith Moore; Junior Division Zinnia ― blue, Ryan Kunkel; red, Reina Payne; white, Lorelei Kuecker; Junior Division Petunia ― blue, Faith Moore; red, Ryan Kunkel; Junior Division other flower ― blue, Ryan Kunkel; red, Riley Schreiman; white, Faith Moore;

Coxcomb (large) ― red, Laura Pummill; Coxcomb (small) ― blue, Laura Pummill; red, Martha Schreiman; Dahlia (cactus) ― blue, Orlyn Heimsoth; red, Kathy Fagel; white, Kurt Becker; Dahlia (large) ― blue, Orlyn Heimsoth, red Evelyn McKnight; white, Joe McKnight; Dahlia (small) ― blue, Evelyn McKnight; red, Shauna Fagel; white, Diane Heimsoth;

Rose, miniature ― blue, Laura Pummill; red, Kelly Virus; white, Shauna Fagel; Rose, Floribunda ― blue, Carol Cook; Rose, Hybrid Tea ― blue, Carol Cook; red, Shauna Fagel; white, Kathy Fagel; Rose, Peace ― red, Stan Langkraehr; Rose, Knock-OutŪ ― blue, Gail Brandt; red, Martha Schreiman;

Flower arrangement for baby ― blue, Erin Moore; red, Judy Beissenherz; white, Donna Meyers; Flower arrangement for him ― blue, Lari Huntze; red, Ruth Rodewald; white, Donna Meyers; Holiday arrangement ― blue, Gail Brandt; red, Donna Meyers; white, Evelyn McKnight; Coffee table arrangement ― blue, Gail Brandt; Dining table arrangement ― blue, Gail Brandt; red, Martha Schreiman; white, Ruth Rodewald; Foliage arrangement ― blue, Ruth Rodewald; red, Lari Huntze; white, Martha Schreiman; Kitchen arrangement ― blue, Ruth Rodewald; red, Judy Beissenherz; white, Nadean Reith; Rose arrangement ― blue, Evelyn McKnight; Miniature arrangement ― blue, Kathy Fagel; red, Evelyn McKnight; white, Gail Brandt; Wildflowers ― blue, Eveln McKnight; red, Donna Meyers; white, Patty McGinnis; Dried arrangement ― blue, Betsy Lange; white, Donna Meyers; Other arrangements ― blue, Judy Beissenherz; red, Marty Oetting; white, Diane Heimsoth.

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