Computer glitch forces extensive budget amendments

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

At each Concordia Board of Aldermen meeting, Concordia City Administrator Dale Klussman, generally offers a few budget amendments. This is done for transparency of city funds, as well as to make sure city funds are able to stay within the budgeted range. Municipalities are allowed to make such amendments due to Missouri Revised Statutes 67.030. At the Monday, June 6, board meeting, however, Klussman presented extensive budget amendments.

The need for such a large number of amendments was not due to any clerical error, but to a computer glitch in the budgeting software.

"Somewhere between entering the budget and when we pulled it up after the original entry of the budget for the fiscal year, somehow ... what was showing was those budget amounts that had originally been budgeted for the 2015-2016 year," explained Klussman.

This was the case for a majority of the city funds, he added, while others were showing 2015-2016 ending balances. DataTech, of Overland Park, Kan., was contacted about recovering the original data. DataTech could not determine where the glitch occurred, according to Klussman.

Alderman Dwight Emde asked if the glitch could happen again. Klussman said he had no way of knowing if it might, but budget numbers will be monitored closely.

"These budget amendments take us back to the budget you all accepted for the April 1 timeframe, which is what we are still operating off of. It is just making our books come out with the beginning balances that were presented to you," noted Klussman.

Alderman Ken Fuchs inquired how long it took Klussman to find and make the necessary bookkeeping adjustment.

"I'm going to say about three-and-a-half days," said Klussman, adding he worked on it when he had time and over the Memorial Day holiday.

According to information from DataTech, the only way to get the numbers back to the correct amounts is to conduct the amendments, related Klussman.

Aldermen held a first reading of the bill relating to the budget amendments. A second reading was tabled due to the current budget column being cut off on paper copies of the presented amendments. The aldermen also approved the typical budget amendments presented by Klussman.

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