A new restaurant on the horizon

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

If everything goes according to plan, in approximately one month to six weeks a new restaurant will open in Concordia. It is housed at 108 NW Fourth St., which is the former location of the combo restaurant KFC/Taco Bell. According to property owner Isein Kadrijoski, the restaurant will serve typical diner fare.

"(We'll serve) breakfast and lunch for now, and then in future days if we get enough help, we'll serve dinner too," he said. "In future weeks or months, maybe 24 hours. But first we need to get enough help in here."

During lunch service some specialty dishes, such as Greek, Italian and Mexican, will be served along with what is generally served for lunch at a diner, he added. As for the food, Kadrijoski's promised it will be all homemade, and nothing frozen.

Remodeling is still underway at the building. The original order counters were removed, and a number of other changes will happen to the interior design and décor of the building. Some modifications will occur to the exterior, but the major rehabilitation is to the interior. Other changes include updating the kitchen and its equipment, new floors, window shades, booths, tables and chairs.

Kadrijoski has experience with running restaurants, as his family has another restaurant run by his sons. Once the restaurant is ready to open, Kadrijoski's son, Arlind will oversee its day-to-day operations.

"We like the location here," he noted. "I bought this place for my son because of the location. McDonald's, the truck stop and the highway is here. ... We looked at quite a few places, but either the location or the building was bad. We liked this place the most."

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