March 2017 wetter than normal

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

A wetter than normal March, and rain continuing the first week of April, ended a string of five consecutive months of below-normal precipitation in Concordia. March ended with 3.75 inches of precipitation, well above the March average of 2.94 inches since 1951. Most of that precipitation came in the form of rain in the final eight days of the month, but it included .5 of an inch of snow recorded on March 12.

The wet weather pattern continued into April with a total of 1.41 inches of precipitation recorded on each of the first six days of the month. The heaviest rainfall came on Tuesday, April 4, with 0.75 recorded Wednesday morning.

Concordia received only 5.99 inches of precipitation during October (2.37), November (1.63), December (0.95), January (0.98) and February (0.06). Normal precipitation for those five months is 11.24 inches.

The February precipitation was the second lowest for that month in Concordia since 1951, according to National Weather Service records. In February 2006, only 0.04 of an inch was recorded here. In 1991, the month also had a total of 0.06. January is normally the driest month with an annual average of 1.44 inches since 1951. February averages 1.78 inches and December 1.99 inches.

Total precipitation here in 2016 was 44.92 inches, several inches above the annual average of 42.91 inches since 1951. However, precipitation during eight months last year was below average. Above average rainfall was recorded in May, July, August and September.

Last July was the fourth wettest month here since 1951, with 12.72 inches recorded. The 9.42 inches of rain measured at 7 a.m. July 3, was the most in a 24-hour period since before 1951, according to National Weather Service records.

The most rainfall here in a single month since 1951 was 15.66 inches in September 1986, followed by September 1961 with 14.07, and July 1965 with 13.23 inches.

Snowfall in Concordia in 2016 set a record low dating back to 1959, with only 2.8 inches during the 12-month period. The annual average snowfall here is 16.8 inches. The winter of 2016-2017 brought only 3.5 inches of snow.

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