Rogers retires from Concordia R-2 School District

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

In the past 57 years, Concordia has had six superintendents, at least 17 principals, and hundreds of staff members of various kinds: teachers, cooks, custodians, secretaries and paraprofessionals, but only two bookkeepers. Iris Kroeneke served 29 years during the 1960s to the late 1980s, and Sharon Rogers has served from 1988 through 2016.

Rogers actually retired in December of 2016, but has been working part time since February to help the district’s new bookkeeper, Stefany Lovercamp, get better oriented. Rogers is the first to admit that things changed substantially in the 28 years she served as district bookkeeper.

“When I came in to work with Iris, everything was done longhand by paper and pencil,” she recalled. “Then Superintendent Phil Dorth told me it was my job to usher the district into the computer age.”

During her years in the district she worked with four of the six superintendents. When asked if she had any interesting stories about the superintendents, she said — with a twinkle in her eyes — “What happens in the superintendent’s office stays in the superintendent’s office.”

While in the district, Rogers also worked with dozens of board members.

“Both the district and I have been fortunate to have had so many good board members,” she said, adding that serving as the secretary to the board was one of the most enjoyable parts of her job.

Another big change that Rogers noticed over her 28 years in the district is the amount of paperwork required by the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education in Jefferson City. When she started, she said, the reporting to the state consisted of one page. Now there are multiple reports that must be turned in.

“They became like a puzzle to be solved,” explained Rogers, “and I was determined that they were not going to get the best of me.” She spent countless hours inputting data for state reports.

Prior to becoming the district bookkeeper, Rogers worked for an attorney in Higginsville. She received a call from Phil Dorth one day asking her if she would be interested in working for the district.

“I still don’t know to this day who gave him my name,” she said. “But, it was a decision I never regretted. It allowed me to be more involved with my children’s activities.”

Both of Rogers’ children, Eric Rogers (1992) and Kendra Malizzi (1995), graduated from Concordia High School. She shared that she is proud of that fact and believes her children, as well as all children, get an excellent education in the district.

Rogers and husband Glenn have enjoyed the additional free time. They have stayed busy attending the activities of their grandchildren, Luke and Lilly. They also enjoy camping at the lake nearly every weekend the weather permits.

Rogers plans to help Lovercamp through the district’s end-of-the-year reporting and audit during the summer, and hopes to fully retire by late summer. Her years in the district will always be happy memories.

“I can’t see the color orange without thinking about the Concordia Orioles, and the Concordia School District will always have a special place in my heart,” she said.

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