Concordia Board of Aldermen discusses storm sewer connection

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

The Concordia Board of Aldermen met on Monday, July 3, with three members in attendance. Alderman Dwight Emde was absent. The board heard discussion on several issues.

City Administrator Dale Klussman opened discussion about possible storm sewer connection to SW 3rd Street by Lutheran Good Shepherd Home.

“The storm sewer line has collapsed under the new structure at the nursing home and they would like to connect to the city’s sewer connection,” Klussman said. He reported he had spoken to city engineer Tim Crockett, who feels the drainage system at SW 3rd Street is currently at capacity. He suggests getting Crockett Engineering and an engineer representing Lutheran Good Shepherd Home to come up with an action plan to address the hydraulics and what actually is needed to solve the problem. A motion was made and carried 3-0 to ask the parties to meet and present their findings.

A discussion was held with local contractor Craig Heimsoth concerning in-place repair of an underground tube on Bismark Street to the northern edge of Allen Lake. Heimsoth showed board members a picture of an area with exposed pipe, stating he was not sure if it is active line or not. He suggested using flow-able fill to strengthen this area.

“There’s about an eight yard hole under the pipe,” he said, suggesting that the hole be filled and the pipe repaired.

The fill and repairs would not require any digging and can be completed with only one lane being closed at a time. A motion was made to proceed with working with Craig Heimsoth and have a contract ready for the next meeting. The motion carried 3-0.

Klussman reviewed the current budget, stating the current status of key revenues seem to be “right on track” with those budgeted. With the April through September budget at the half-way point, total revenues are at approximately 48 percent of those budgeted. Budget expenditures for the same time period are at approximately 50 percent of those budgeted.

“Overall, I think we can be excited about the way revenues look,” Klussman said, adding that expenses are variable and must be monitored closely between now and the end of the budget period.

Gary Siebert, representing the Concordia Lions Club, was on hand to ask the city for permission to once again use Central Park for the club’s Heidelberg Gardens during this year’s Fall Festival. The club also asked for the city’s recommendation for the club obtaining a liquor permit for the event. The board voted 3-0 to approve Concordia Lions Club using Central Park for the Concordia Fall Festival and having the city clerk write a letter of approval for a liquor license for the Concordia Fall festival.

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