Questions and Answers for Santa Fe Head Football Coach Alex McClafferty

Wednesday, November 8, 2017
Santa Fe head football coach Alex McClafferty celebrates with the Chiefs following one of the many touchdowns the team recorded during the 2017 football season.
(Rocco Scarcello/The Concordian)

The Concordian asked Santa Fe Chiefs head football coach Alex McClafferty a few questions to help summarize the Chief’s 2017 football season.

Concordian: Describe this season in one word:
McClafferty: “Family. We break down on that word, we wear it on the back of our jerseys, we say it probably 100 times at practice – whenever I ask how someone’s doing, how they’re feeling, they always say ‘feeling like a family. That’s something I stress. What’s beautiful about this sport is that it’s not everyday that you get to beat up other people to protect your own. It’s not every day you get to go out there and give everything you have in that manner and in that capacity for somebody else. Our motto is ‘Do it as a family, be a family’ … and if you do that, if you protect each other like you are a family, if you care about each other as if you are a family, the potential is limitless.”
C: What message to the fans would you like to give:
M: “Just a huge thank you. We appreciated the support, we thought we traveled well, we had a solid fan base. Me personally, I appreciated them opening up their arms to me and their community to me the way they did. It was a very special season for me and I hope they felt the same way.
C: What have you learned from your first year as a head coach?
M: “Quite a bit. When you’re in the system and you’re an offensive or defensive coordinator, there’s a lot of just X’s and O’s and football-related stuff, dealing with the kids, obviously. But when you become the head coach, now you’re pretty much a banker, you know – still the X’s and O’s, but you’re the figurehead for the program. Everyone comes to you, whether it be the youth program, whether it’s for money, whether it’s for camps, whether it’s for shirts, whatever it is – everything runs through you now. It’s just a big responsibility that I was lucky enough to take on, and I think I did a pretty good job at it.”

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