Business Spotlight: Beerman Heating and Cooling Inc.

Wednesday, November 29, 2017
The staff of Beerman Heating and Cooling, Inc. in Concordia includes (left to right) Jim Beerman, Brian Jones, Jordan Murray, Carol Roepe, Chase Reinwald and Brad Roepe.
(Bob Stewart/The Concordian)

For nearly 20 years, Beerman Heating and Cooling Inc. has provided much needed services to the citizens in and around Concordia. Started in Marshall in 1981, the company expanded to Concordia in 1998. Company founder and owner Jim Beerman, who was born and raised in the Concordia area, said the decision to open a Concordia location was an easy one.

“We opened our Concordia office because the people here were so good to us and allowed us to do the work they needed done,” he said. “And many of our employees are from here.”

The company provides heating, cooling and plumbing repairs, and installation in a variety of modalities.

“We do both commercial and residential service and installation,” Beerman said. “And for the most part we manage to average out at about 50 percent on each. There are times and seasons where we might go a little heavier one way or the other, but for the most part it is pretty much a 50-50 split.”

Beerman Heating and Cooling has a total of 21 employees between the Marshall and Concordia locations, with five of those on staff in Concordia. They service all makes and models of HVAC equipment, although Carrier is their main brand. The company has also been installating and servicing a large number of geo-thermal (heat pumps) units recently. One of the features that helps the company stand out amongst the competition is its 24-hour per day availability.

“We are always available whenever there’s a need,” Beerman said. “No matter what time of day or night, if someone needs services, all they have to do is call either the Concordia or Marshall telephone line and they soon will be in touch with one of our technicians.”

Beerman said everyone in the company is very pleased with the reception they have received since coming to Concordia.

“We just really appreciate the people in the area using us for their heating and cooling needs,” he said.

The Concordia office of Beerman Heating and Cooling Inc. is located at 810 S. Main St., and the daily hours of operation are from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. The office can be reached by calling 660-463-1122.

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