Board of Aldermen accept bid for lawn care, discuss engineering report

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

During the regular meeting of the city of Concordia Board of Aldermen held April 2, the board voted to accept a bid for lawn mowing services from Maggert Lawn Care for the coming year. According to City Administrator Dale Klussman, Maggert supplied the lowest bid for the one-year contract. Other bidders on the contract for all of the city’s mowing needs were Adam Dillon and Page Lawn Care. The board accepted Maggert’s bid, and approved execution of a contract for a total of $16,560.
Klussman presented a review of the present financial status as of March 31. General fund revenues of $1,483,939 were up slightly from what the original budgeted revenues of $1,467,776. The review also stated that current trends indicate sales tax revenues will finish the year above budgeted levels as well. Sales tax was originally budgeted at $653,539, and forecasted sales tax numbers foresee an increase of $13,509.55, for a total of $667,048.55. The same is true with projected franchise fees, which look to finish above the original budget by just over $10,410, for a total of $262,899. Following suit, Water/Sewer Collections are also on course to finish above what was budgeted by approximately $57,060.
The board heard a report on certain projects discussed with engineer Tim Crockett, including:
—School Zones - Planning & Zoning had wanted school zones addressed with more signage. Crockett feels the intersection of S.W. 4th Street and Sunset Hills Drive needs to be a four-way stop. He also suggests putting pedestrian signs up and keeping it a pedestrian zone all year, as the pool is in this area.
At Concordia High School, Crockett is looking at taking the current school zone to Main Street, and possibly changing the speed limit on 13th Street to 15 or 20 mph. School zones are being proposed from 10th Street south to 13th Street.
—N.W. 4th Street - Rich Shipley stated the MoDOT maintenance crew was assigned the task of putting a new pipe in this area. It is only a maintenance fix until our engineer can design something, and there will be funds available from MoDOT to help with this project. Crockett feels the whole project will be about a $300,000 project and needs to get fixed as soon as possible and extend north as far as possible.
—S.W. 4th Street Drainage - During the rain last week, the drain couldn’t keep up and filled Allen Lake up. It would be very expensive to design a drainage system to prevent flooding in this area along with 1st Street and Hardee’s ditch. Crockett will look into other options.
—S.W. 10th Street Erosion - The area by Scott Hemme’s lake, beginning at Ada Street, has a lot of water coming down 10th Street and eating away at the box from the curb.
— N.W. 8th Street was also looked at and Crockett was told to get soil samples so he can get a proper design of the street.
The board also heard reports from Parks and Recreation Department and the status of foul ball protection. The report stated the protection upgrades should be near completion at two of the fields. Alderman Dwight Emde stated he felt a plaque should be put up at the complex denoting who donated to the improvements and who built the protective shelters.
At the March 23, 2018, meeting of the Concordia Civic Club, Jody Bergman and Emde accepted a $4,000 donation to go toward the foul-ball protection shelter. The Civic Club is looking at possibly donating another $4,000 and challenges other civic organizations to match or beat their donation. Bergman has offered to take the letter from the Civic Club to other organizations asking for donations to assist getting this project done this year.
The board discussed the status of a couple of sewer lines.
The first was a line between S.W. 10th Street and S.W. 11th Street. With the recent rains, it has been discovered the sewer line by Concordia High School has a complete collapse. Though it hasn’t affected anyone south of the break, it has affected Kathy Brown. It is about 19-feet deep and will require shoring. Eventually, we will need to look at a point of repair.
The second is located in the field west of Rhineland Acres, where a large amount of water comes through the fields. The city received a call from Derrick McGinnis that his basement was flooding. It needs to be assessed by camera before the city can determine what is going on.
During the meeting, there was initial discussion concerning additional staff. Klussman wants to employ more help for the Streets and Wastewater Department.
“Mowing has been added in the road right-of-ways, we are decking streets, cutting roots from sewer lines, and helping in the parks department,” Klussman said. “We would be looking at a laborer that can be trained.”
The Board of Aldermen met in Special Session on March 29 and went into closed executive session to discuss personnel issues. No action was taken during that meeting.

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