Library Summer Reading program starts with a ‘BANG!’

Wednesday, June 6, 2018
Babaloo (a.k.a. Rob Compton) gets the kids clapping while singing about where, outside of school, they might have seen one of their teachers. Apparently, according to the song, getting glimpses of your teacher at the grocery store or the mall might indicate they might be human, too. Babaloo performed at the Concordia Branch of Trails Regional Library on May 31 as part of the Summer Reading Program.
(Bob Stewart/The Concordian)

“Carefully controlled kid chaos.”
That’s what the website for Babaloo says, and rightfully so. When Babaloo kicked off his appearance at the Concordia Branch of Trails Regional Library on Thursday, May 31, things went from the proverbial zero to 60 in a very short length of time.
From a song talking about seeing his teacher in the grocery store (“She May be Human, Too”) to a song warning about the pitfalls related to going down a slide while wearing no clothes, Babaloo (Rob Compton in the real world) had the attention of youngsters from the start.
Compton travels a lot these days. He said he performs as many as 400 shows per year, sometimes as many as four shows in one day. He said he has a clear vision of what his job is all about.
“My job is simply to connect with kids,” he said. “I want to make them smile and sing. And not just during the performance. I want them smiling and singing all the way home in the car, at the dinner table, in school the next day, and all the way into next year!”
With songs like “I Lost My Pants in the Swimming Pool” and “Don’t Pass the Gas,” it would be hard for the kids to forget the performance quickly. There definitely is no room for the “criss-cross-applesauce, sit still and zip your lip” type of audience when Babaloo shows up. The tunes — including “The Wee Wee Dance” and “My Toothbrush Fell in the Toilet” — are upbeat and sometimes hilarious.
The reaction of the young crowd – and their parents – is one of laughter and fun. Babloo calls it a “riotous and raucous affair.”
“We have them singing and stomping, dancing and shouting, bean-bag popping and bucket beating,” he said. “Whatever it takes to get kids rockin’.”
From all indications, the youngsters attending the performance in Concordia had a great time — and expended more than a little energy as well.

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