Notes from CHS Coach Nathan Beissenherz

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

It was a great ball game. Lincoln is a very good team.
Matt threw a good game. He only made one mistake when he left a pitch up for Beaman who drove it over the fence for a two-run homer. Beaman hurt us today. He had all three RBIs and on his RBI double he made a good swing on a good pitch from Matt. Hats off to him on that one. Heís an all-state hitter.
They have a very good hitting lineup and Matt had everyone else shut down for them. Their 2-5 batters went 0-12. He kept us in it, our offense just waited too long to string some hits together. We actually out-hit them seven hits to four, but they had the big extra-base hits today.
Iím proud of our guys. When you are down three runs in the top of the seventh and you have been shut out the whole game, a lot of teams would give up and shut down against a good team like Lincoln. But our guys kept batting and got a rally going in the seventh inning. We started to string some hits together. The bottom part of our lineup came through. Adams came through with a big hit and then Coop did too. With the top part of our lineup and two .400 hitters coming up, I felt very confident that we were going to keep it going. You don't want to take the bat out of your good hitters' hands in that situation and make a rash decision on base running.
Iím going to miss our seniors. They had played in almost 100 games for us the last four years. Coop was the best defensive second baseman and one of the best hitters I ever had, and Abram was a real good hitter for us, too. They won a lot of games and were a very successful class.
We have a lot coming back next year, so I am super excited at what we can do next year, but our group this year was a special group of boys to be around too. We were a real family and had a lot of TEAM wins. Coach Hundley will be missed next year, too. He was one of the best assistant coaches I ever had.

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