Aldermen discuss rental rates, approve exceptions for ATV usage

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

At the June 4 Concordia Board of Aldermen meeting, the board discussed rental rates for rooms in the Concordia Community Center used by Pioneer Trails Regional Planning Commission, and approved exceptions to an ATV ordinance.
In formulating rental rates for rooms within the community center, City Administrator Dale Klussman said he had looked at expenses of the Concordia Community Center from April through March of 2018 and figured the total costs, including the operational expenses, and divided the five distinctive costs from janitorial staff, facility services, utilities, insurance and contract services. The costs were as follows: janitorial staff — $6,812.69; facility services — $9,695.02; utilities — $15,170.02; insurance — $7,613.24; and contract services — $5,778.36, for a total of $45,069.33.
“The square footage was figured per room to come up with the total rental rate per annual, monthly and weekly rates,” Klussman said. “Warrensburg retail space is rented at $7 per square foot, where we are figuring $4.25 per square foot. Pioneer Trails is using room 102 and has not had a rate increase in 13 years. Room 201 would be priced out at $244.23 per month. We are looking at a one-year term for renting the rooms.”
Klussman stated Norm Lucas, director of PTRPC, has indicated the organization would like to stay in room 201 because the staff highly prefers this room, as LL1 is dark in the winter and cooler in the winter. In addition, they say it is more convenient to walk across the hall for the meetings after looking at G.I.S. mapping and other plans. Since PTRPC lost the contract for solid waste and they are a not-for-profit organization, they would like the council to consider trying to keep the rent down, Klussman said.
A proposal was made and approved unanimously to authorize execution of a lease contract for rental of rooms 102 and 201 by PTRPC.
The board heard requests from two local citizens for consideration of granting permission to operate an all terrain vehicle on state Highway 40 and Missouri Highway 23, as well as granting a sundown variance. The sundown variance allows drivers to operate an ATV within city limits after dark.
Cass Hemme lives on St. Louis Street near Emma Road and said it is easy to use the gravel road to the back way to Highway 40. For him, the sundown variance wasn’t something he thought he would need.
The board unanimously approved a motion to allow Hemme to drive his ATV on highways specified as requested, and after dark as needed.
Gabe Woods lives on Runde Road and stated there is no other way to get anywhere from within his subdivision. He has to get onto Highway 40 to get anywhere in town from his home. He wants the sundown variance for times when snow removal is needed, and to be able to attend Board of Aldermen meetings.
The board voted 3-0 (with Woods abstaining) to allow Woods to drive his ATV on specified highways and after dark as specified.
In other business, the board voted unanimously to maintain its membership with Midwest Public Risk for property, liability and auto/equipment insurance, to work directly with Midwest Public Risk staff in creating and administrating the city’s property, liability and auto/equipment insurance program.
Alderman Woods noted he would like to thank members of the Walkenezer 4-H club for helping the parks department clean Concordia Park for Run For The Wall.

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