Study planned for flooding, drainage issues

Wednesday, August 8, 2018
Intake rates and capacity of Allen Lake in Concordia (shown here from the southeast corner of the lake property) will be the focus of studies to be completed by Tim Crockett of Crockett Engineering in an effort to find out if the lake is contributing to water backing up into and near homes in the area during periods of heavy rainfall.
Alyssa Pfannkuch/The Concordian

The Concordia Board of Aldermen met in special session on Tuesday, July 31, to hear concerns of residents living in the vicinity of Allen Lake and to discuss drainage issues in the area. Present were Mayor Michael Brown and aldermen present were Gabriel Woods, Dwight Emde, Larry Schnakenberg and Ken Fuchs. Also in attendance were Concordia residents Josh Finley, Dennis and Deborah Meyer, Bonita Dierking and Jack Johnson. Tim Crockett of Crockett Engineering, Concordia city administrator Dale Klussman and city clerk Susan Flandermeyer also were present.
Discussion opened concerning drainage in the Allen Lake area. This past spring there were a couple of times when there were issues of flooding in the streets at the Fourth Street and South Magdalena Street area. Dennis and Deborah Meyer stated there are times the water goes into their garage and is knee deep at the garage door, along with water coming into their basement. Finley showed a cell phone picture of when his back yard had nearly flooded to the back door from run-off from West and Fifth streets.
After much discussion in an attempt to determine the problem, Crockett stated he will study the intake of Allen Lake and how much water it can hold before it becomes a problem, the size of pipes in vicinity of Southwest Fifth Street to Southwest Fourth Street and West Street to Magdalena Street, and elevations of area. In addition, the Concordia Water Department will be asked to view pipes in the area through an in-line camera to see if there are any restrictions underground. Crockett said he also will get a 20-year event and 100-year event design together.
As for issues in the area of North Fourth Street, Klussman reported he is waiting on a call from the Missouri Department of Transportation concerning MoDOT’s plan to fix the area of Northwest Fourth Street and state Highway 23 at the shoulder and driving lane.
The city also is waiting for a status report from MoDOT concerning the scheduling with regard to moving the stop sign at the four-way at Old 40 Highway and Highway 23. Cree-Mee Freeze is doing construction at its building, and Klussman had asked MoDOT about moving the sign to a better location.
Crockett stated an overlay on the east of Northwest Eighth Street should give a little longer life to the street, but is not a long-term solution. Having a contractor solidify under the street, he said, has helped prolong the road. He suggested the city will need to see about eventually putting a type of “French drain” on at least the south side of Eighth Street to keep the water from draining under the road.
Klussman stated it was time for the city’s annual public hearing for property tax rates. A motion was made and carried to a public hearing for 6:45 p.m. Monday, Aug. 20, at the Concordia Community Center for the purpose of hearing citizens on proposed property tax rates.

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