Aldermen discuss sewer repair reimbursements

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

According to draft minutes from the Sept. 4 regular meeting of the city of Concordia Board of Aldermen, the board heard a request from Troy Krause for consideration of reimbursement for costs related to repairs and rodding of his sewer line due to repairs made by the city during previous water line construction.
Krause stated the materials used were substandard, stating that on Oct. 14, 2014, the line was replaced when the sewer line was hit while extending the water service to the Lutheran Good Shepherd Home. Krause said he has had trouble since a few months after the extension. A local contractor has cleaned the sewer line out seven times, he said. The last time it was being cleaned out, Krause said, he felt the ground vibrating, and it was discovered the line had collapsed.
Upon inspection, it was discovered there was a thin wall PVC 4” tubing that was buried 12 inches underground, with dirt as a backfill instead of rock. During repairs, Trent Kuecker of Kuecker Construction dug deeper and put gravel under the line to account for settling. The minutes state it is believed that KCP&L had run over the sewer line, collapsing it, as they have a transformer in this area that they back up to.
Krause stated city administrator Dale Klussman and the water plant employees have been working a lot through the years trying to find what was causing the backups, and that he appreciates their efforts, even though nothing was ever found until now.
Krause is asking for reimbursement of his expenses for $490 to Jeremy’s Heating and Cooling and $458.82 to Kuecker Construction, for a total of $948.82.
The board approved reimbursement of Krause’s expenses.
During his report to the board, Mayor Michael Brown said he had received a letter from City Collector Jan Mills advising him of her intent to not run for re-election after her term ends in 2020. He also offered appreciation to the Parks and Recreation and Maintenance departments for their efforts in getting the streets ready for the Concordia Fall Festival.

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