Good to be ‘back home’ again: Kirchhoff returns home to practice medicine

Wednesday, September 12, 2018
Sarah Kirchhoff, M.D., (seated) is excited about being in her new office at Western Missouri Family Health in Concordia. She is shown with her parents Duane and Sharon Kapala, who live on a farm south of Concordia. Kirchhoff, a 2007 graduate of Concordia High School, said she looks forward to serving the people of her hometown of Concordia for many years to come.
Bob Stewart/The Concordian

The chorus of a song from the past begins – “Hey it’s good to be back home again …” That’s the sentiment exhibited by Sarah Kirchhoff, M.D., since making her way back to Concordia to begin her practice as part of the medical team at Western Missouri Family Healthcare in Concordia.
“It’s just great to be back home. It truly has the feeling of homecoming for me. I’m excited to be able to serve the people of Concordia, hopefully for many years to come,” Kirchhoff said.
Kirchhoff graduated from Concordia High School in 2007 and moved on to undergraduate studies at Southeast Missouri State University in Cape Girardeau, where she graduated Cum Laude with a major in biomedical science with a minor in chemistry and Spanish. From there, she attended medical school and completed a family medicine residency at the University of Missouri School of Medicine in Columbia.
“I find that I’m happiest in the clinic setting doing family medicine,” Kirchhoff said. “The great thing about family medicine is that I get to do it all, seeing patients from infants to seniors, and everyone in between.”
She added she is working on being able to do prenatal visits in the clinic so patients do not have to drive all the way to their OB for all of their visits. Then, at the end of pregnancy, they would see the OB and the OB doctor would do the delivery.
“After delivery, then mom and baby could come back to my clinic for me to be doctor for both of them, because I can see children and adults as a family medicine doctor,” she said.
Kirchhoff’s parents, Duane and Sharon Kapala, live on a farm south of Concordia and are very proud of what their daughter has accomplished. She said both have shown amazing support during her journey toward this day. In fact, mom Sharon made an appointment early on to be Dr. Kirchhoff’s first patient in her new position.
“I’ve waited 11 years to have my first appointment with my favorite doctor,” Kapala said. “While she was in med school, we would make breakfast casseroles and deliver them in the early morning hours during exam week to make sure her and her friends were ready for their tests.”
Kirchhoff and her husband Ryan live in Concordia.
“It really is awesome, and slightly terrifying, with this being my first ‘big girl’ job and all,” Kirchhoff said.
Kirchhoff joins the staff already in place at WMFH in Concordia, which includes family nurse practitioner Jacquelyn Addington, FNP-BC; Ashley Hill, LPN; and Becky Bryan, LPN. The clinic is located at 905 S. Main St. in Concordia. For more information, or to make an appointment, contact the clinic at 660-463-7966.

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