Aldermen provide reports on various city business

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

The Concordia Board of Aldermen approved several ordinances Monday, Oct. 1, during the boardís regular meeting.

One ordinance amends a previous section regarding placement of signage in the Concordia Elementary School zone. Another establishes exemptions for required use of identification badges as required by Ordinance 1391 and provides for the replacement of such badges, according to unofficial meeting minutes.

During the meeting, aldermen discussed parking issues at the 718 SW Eighth St. area. Unofficial meeting minutes state that Concordia police received a call from MFA Oil that trucks cannot make a left hand turn because of a renter parking on the street, which was done so legally. Aldermen discussed options about no parking on both sides of the street in this area, and approved having City Administrator Dale Klussman work on an ordinance regarding the matter.

The city also received a request from a resident for relief on a sewer bill for watering in the amount of $16.57. Aldermen approved allowing the adjustment as the resident did request it before watering, minutes stated.

Other business discussed Monday included the resignation of Harland Mieser from the Lake Board, which will be effective Dec. 31 after 35 years. Mieser will reportedly work on finding a replacement.

Klussman provided a conceptual sidewalk of Central Park, which will be reviewed by the Park Board. Alderman Gabriel Woods reported that police have been busy with drug busts. Alderman Dwight Emde reported there were many good comments about the sidewalk conceptual during a Parks Board meeting, and they are concerned about bringing the boom truck in to put the Mayorís tree up in November. It was also reported there is a possibility that sidewalks could qualify for TAP grants.

Alderman Larry Schnakenberg wanted to know about the sample of water from the 300 block of South Orange Street, of which there has not yet been a report. Unofficial meeting minutes state the resident has a filter system installed in his house and Klussman thinks the filter is catching loose carbon that the water is treated with.

The resident is the only one reportedly having problems with water. Minutes state manholes are circled on Southwest Fourth Street, have been marked with line locates, and will be set in concrete.

Schnakenberg questioned the amount of a check by the city collector, but found it was a typo.

He also stated the Lionís Club appreciated the use of the park during the Concordia Fall Festival and were sorry about damage done because of the weather.

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