Rehkop family reunion held at park

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

The descendants of Ed and Rosa Rehkop held their annual family reunion at Concordia Park also called Southside Park on Sunday, Sept. 23. It was hosted by the Melvin Rehkop family.

Those attending were: Melvin Rehkop, Bob and Marlene Lange, Patty, Justin Jr. and Shelby McGinnis, Jason McGinnis, Lily, Lesa and Baily, Tammy McGinnis, Noel Galloway and Madelyn Standley, Dick and Marilyn Borgstadt, Connie Rehkop, Jimmy Storck and Linda Lovercamp, Jeff and Melissa Storck, Derek and Mikayla, Dennis and Susan Petty, Trent, Dee Ann, Taitum and Fynlee Koch, Kente, Sharee, Keenan and Keira Boldridge, Kent, Alyssa, Lily and Kaylee Petty, Louise Schnakenberg, Chris Gates, Michael, Kylia, Kaden Schnakenberg and Cathy Johnson.

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