Trails Regional Library board talks insurance

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Insurance and benefits were discussed at a special Trails Regional Library board of directors meeting held Monday, Oct. 29.
Director Rochelle McCaulley reported that revisions to the library’s policy were necessary due to current legal consultation and practices within the library district. According to unofficial meeting minutes, the following recommendations were made:
—adding: health insurance and optional benefits are voluntary to the current policy
—removing the statement that employees pay an additional cost over $525 and the entire cost of insuring other qualified family members
—adding: based on the current practices there will be an employee contribution amount for insurance that will be set annually by the board. Employees will pay the entire cost of insuring other qualified family members.
After a discussion, board members voted to approve the changes to Policy F200, meeting minutes stated.
The board also discussed the employee contribution amount. During the meeting, McCaulley presented a breakdown of how much the estimated employee premium for 20 employees would be after the library contributions, based on allocated amounts set in the policy. Minutes state the employee portion of health insurance withholdings for fiscal year 2019 was presented as: 40-hour employees taking health insurance would need $161 withheld per month; 30-hours employees would have $292.35; and 20-hour employees would have withheld $423.50.
Unofficial meeting minutes state board member Ron McMullin moved for the library to continue paying for employee health insurance at the following allocated rates per policy: $525 for 40-hour employees, $393.75 for 30-hour employees, and $262.50 for 20-hour employees; and then set employee premium portions at $161 for 40-hour employees, $292.35 for 30-hour employees, and $423.50 for 20-hour employees. The motion was seconded and then approved unanimously.
The next regular meeting is scheduled for 7 p.m. Wednesday, Nov. 14, at the Corder branch.

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