Public school system will soon utilize solar power

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

During a special meeting of the Concordia Board of Education, held Thursday, Nov. 15, the board approved several recommendations presented by Superintendent Brent Cooper.
The district has been discussing the possibility of installing solar power arrays atop all three of its buildings to help reduce energy costs. Kansas City Power & Light has offered a total rebate of $115,000 for installation at all three buildings.
After looking at bids from several sources, Cooper recommended a proposal from MC Power, of Lee’s Summit. MC Power offered a lease/purchase plan for up to a 20-year term, or the district could purchase the system outright, pay MC Power to maintain it, and still receive the rebate from KCP&L.
The board approved buying the system outright from MC Power at a total cost of $352,500. Construction of the solar arrays should begin around April 2019, with the system being operational by June 30, Cooper said.
During the special meeting, the board also approved unanimously an increase in long-term substitute pay.
The district previously had increased substitute pay from $75 to $85 per day, but had failed to address long-term substitute pay. A substitute teacher assignment is considered long-term after a teacher substitutes 10 consecutive days. Cooper recommended the district raise long-term substitute pay from $100 per day to $110 per day.
In a final decision during the special meeting, the board approved a the purchase of a new server back-up system. Because of its age, the current district server back-up system is no longer able to be maintained by Midwest CompuTech. After looking at options to keep the district server backed-up appropriately at a cost acceptable to the district, the board decided to purchase a new back-up system. The new system will include software and hardware and will come from UniTrends at a cost of $14,966.

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