Concordia School Board approves contracts, makes personnel decisions

Wednesday, December 26, 2018

During the Dec. 17 regular session of the Concordia R-2 Board of Education, the board approved several contracts before moving into closed session to deal with personnel matters.
Requests for bids for both the 2018-2019 and 2019-2020 school years were put out previously. Bidders were to provide a certificate of liability insurance, as well as total cost of the project, not an hourly rate. Requirements also stated parking lots, driveways and sidewalks should be cleared by 7 a.m. if school is in session and by 9 a.m. if school is not in session. The bidder was required to describe the chosen method of ice control and consult with the superintendent before clearing over a holiday, or if it appears there will be no school that day. Any price differential based on the number of inches of snow was also requested.
Only one bid was received. The board approved the bid submitted by Deatherage Properties’ Snow Removal for a cost of $300 per event.
Renewal of a contract with Missouri United School Insurance Council was on the agenda, as well. MUSIC currently covers liability, school board liability, property and equipment, workers’ compensation, and the treasurer’s bond. District Superintendent Brent Cooper reported the district received an 8 percent membership credit this year compared to a 7 prevent credit last year.
“Our bill for 2016-17 was $56,55. Last year we paid $59,022,” Cooper reported. “This year we owe $61,629.”
The renewal was approved unanimously.
Cooper then recommended the district move accounting and payroll services to a different software provider.
“Currently, we are using Chalkable for our accounting and payroll software,” Cooper stated. “Chalkable will no longer be available after next school year, so we have to make a change.”
Cooper said after extensive research, Software Unlimited appeared to have the best software package for the needs of the district and is the most reasonably priced. The board unanimously approved the recommendation as presented.
Following the conclusion of regular business, the board moved into closed session for personnel matters. During the closed session, the board unanimously voted to accept the resignations of Special Education Teacher Bonnie Ball, Athletic Secretary Barb Sparks, and High School Secretary Naomi Goolsby.

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