Aldermen finalize fuel contract, hear budget update

Wednesday, January 16, 2019
Brooke Wilkens (right), president of the Concordia Area Chamber of Commerce, attends the Concordia Board of Aldermen meeting Monday, Jan. 7, to inquire about the city’s contracted labor agreement with the chamber and to discuss a change to the contract. Also pictured are (left to right) Aldermen Larry Schnakenberg and Ken Fuchs.
Bob Stewart/The Concordian

During the Concordia Board of Aldermen meeting Monday, Jan. 7, the board finalized and approved a fuel contract between the city of Concordia and MFA Oil Inc. The contract will cover fuel purchased from Feb. 1 to Dec. 31. Contracted prices are $1.8742 per gallon for unleaded gasoline, and $2.136 per gallon for bio dyed diesel. This pricing includes all applicable taxes and fees.
The board also heard a budget update from City Administrator Dale Klussman. Klussman said the budget was doing well considering the time of year, with first-quarter expenses sitting at 23.88 percent of the annual budget. That number closely mirrors the amount of revenue collected for the quarter, which stood at 21.9 percent as of the end of the first quarter.
“These numbers reflect the effort of our department heads in watching expenses closely, and putting off a purchase or job if things are close,” Klussman said.
In other business, the board unanimously approved the execution of a contract between the city of Concordia and Shred-It USA of Lenexa, Kan., for document shredding services. The contract includes shredding of 15 boxes of materials for a total price of $180.
In a related vote, the board unanimously approved a motion to authorize the city clerk to destroy certain records in accordance with applicable retention schedules.
The board learned of a request from a local resident that he be allowed to spread the ashes of a family member at Edwin A. Pape Lake. The request was made because the deceased had enjoyed fishing at the lake and fished there often, the request said.
Klussman stated the city currently has no policy, ordinance or directive to handle such requests. After some discussion, the board requested that Klussman prepare an ordinance for future consideration that would prohibit spreading of ashes, human or otherwise, on any public property, including the city’s parks and lakes.
Brooke Wilkens, president of the Concordia Area Chamber of Commerce, was on hand to inquire about the city’s agreement with the chamber concerning contracted labor. The chamber’s administrative assistant, Mary Vogt, is presently contracted to work a specified number of hours performing duties for the city. Wilkens asked if there was any way Vogt’s pay could be increased.
The board asked Wilkens to meet with Klussman to see what could be done, adding that the city itself is currently in a wage freeze. The board will revisit the issue at a later date.

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