SPLHS hoops star adds viral video to resume

Wednesday, February 27, 2019

In a game against the Cincinnati Reds once, legendary St. Louis Cardinal Stan Musial struck out. The ball got away from the catcher, however, and Musial’s hustle resulted in two bases, according to an article from Rich Wescott of the Delaware County Daily Times.

It goes on to say that in response to the play, Reds manager quipped: “Even when Musial strikes out, he gets two bases.”

Despite it happening in a different sport, a viral video that made its way from the Saint Paul Lutheran High School gym all the way to Sports Center’s Facebook and Instagram pages is reminiscent of Musial. Apparently, Saints senior basketball player Elijah Muehler is so good at putting the ball in the basket that he even does it on accident. … On an inbounds pass. … While playing defense.

The 40-second video from their game against Orrick High School on Feb. 11 — which features the play at full speed and slowed down — has been seen over 1 million times across multiple social media accounts and has garnered thousands of reactions.

One reaction came from head basketball coach Monte Pitsch, who said via email:

“I’ve never seen anything like that before! Just one of those things. He was doing his job on the in-bounder and trying to get a deflection and he did. Unfortunately, it wound up in the basket. Pretty neat how it went viral. Orrick’s coach Matt Brownsberger asked after the game if he could send it in to Hudl and I said sure.”

Facebookers from all over the country shared their reactions, as well. Stephen Keck, whose page claims he is from Virginia, wrote: “I think you have a better chance at winning the lottery than that happening.”

A Facebook user from Arizona, Kurly Flores, questioned: “Does the guy in-bounding the ball get the assist?”

One user from a bit closer to home, SPLHS alumnus Kyle Borgstadt, wrote: “Never in a million years did I think my little high school would be on sports center.”

The video itself is just golden.

Between the ball seemingly avoiding contact with the rim, the emotionless reactions from Muehler and the Saints, and the OHS player in the corner jogging back to defense before the ball was even on its downward trajectory (he obviously knows a bit about Muehler’s game), this was one of the most unusual plays many of us have seen in a long time.

For one of the greatest offensive Saints basketball players in school history, how ironic is it that perhaps the most memorable of Muehler’s 2,000+ career points came by accident? … On an inbounds pass. …While playing defense.

Surely this reporter wasn’t the only one who saw this incredible video and thought, “Even when Muehler plays defense, he gets two points.”

To watch the video, go to Sports Center’s Facebook or Instagram page and scroll to their videos from Feb. 12.

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