Aldermen discuss future electric franchise revenues, sewer expansion

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

During the March 4 regular meeting of the Board of Alderpersons of the City of Concordia, the board discussed and recent e-mail concerning future electric franchise revenues.

City Administrator Dale Klussman reported that because of the electric companies being able to take certain tax breaks and participating in upcoming mergers, they will be going from a 35 percent tax rate to a 21 percent tax rate.

“Individuals will be seeing lower utility bills, according to KCP&L, but municipalities will be seeing less franchise revenues, with the reduction for Concordia being around $93,695 (or 5%) annually,” Klussman said. He recommended having the department heads at a special meeting on March 14 to discuss the loss of revenue from the city’s budget. Since department head attendance at the meeting will require overtime pay, Klussman said he would like approval from the council.

A motion was made and approved to have the department heads at the special work meeting.

The meeting also featured discussion of sewer expansion on S. West Street. S. West Street. A meeting with aldermen Ken Fuchs and Larry Schnakenberg, Alan Riesterer, Joe Boynton, Mitchel Dittmer, Klussman, a representative from Crockett Engineering, and Greg Bushman was held Feb.26.

It was discussed whether or not the landscaping at the corner of West and 13th Street should be disturbed and lines run through the landscaping, or if taking the less expensive route of crossing the water and sewer lines and putting the fire hydrant behind the curb and farther west of the corner would be preferred.

Greg Bushman proposed having the city forgive the remainder of his curbing assessment and pay to have electrical line trenched and placed in a breaker box at his house. The other option would be for the city to have an easement in his yard for the electricity to run to the pump for his sewer line and the city pay for the electricity moving forward. Bushman didn’t like the idea of having an easement in his yard.

A motion made and carried to cross the lines and place the hydrant behind the curb farther to the west, staying away from the landscaping on the corner of S. West and 13th Street.

A related motion was made and carried for the city to pay to trench Bushman’s power line from the pole to his house, and for the city to waive the remainder of his curb assessment of $3,120.79, for a total of $3,320.79.

During his report to the board, Mayor Michael Brown noted he recently had attended a meeting in Blue Springs with Congressman Cleaver.

“It was an excellent panel discussion on broadband access in Missouri,” he reported. “Missouri ranks 41 out of the 50 states in broadband access, so we will be one of the first areas to get access. However, the programs discussed will target areas that have no connection first.”

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