Concordia R-2 Board of Education approves policies and regulations

Wednesday, April 3, 2019

During the regular Concordia School Board meeting Thursday, March 21, the board approved a contract for school portraits and amended and/or adopted several policies and regulations.

The board reviewed an amendment to Policy 4710, which has to do with the separation of personnel from the district. Superintendent Brent Cooper said the amendment was recommended by district attorney Ed Counsel when asked to look over the district’s probationary teachers’ contract, which the administration felt needed to be updated.

“The compensation amounts for exiting a contract with the district on or after June 1 have not changed in nearly 20 years,” Cooper reported. “We felt these amounts needed to be adjusted to reflect the typical current rates in our area.”

He went on to explain the changes would not be a requirement, and that the board could always waive the fee, especially if they feel they have another qualified candidate available.

The policy now states, in part, that if a certified employee seeks to resign before the end of the term of his or her contract with the district, even if work has not yet begun under the contract, the employee must receive a release from the board. It goes on to say that if, after signing the contract, the employee requests to be released from the contract prior to its expiration, the employee and the district should recognize the district is entitled to compensation for costs related to finding a suitable replacement, training expenses, and other disruptions.

Because actual damages will be difficult to ascertain, the board has set the following amounts as a reasonable estimation of the damages, depending upon the date the employee’s resignation is received by the superintendent or designee: June 1-30 — $1,500; July 1-31 — $3,000; Aug. 1 or later — No release from contract.

In other business, Cooper reported he had received four bids from four vendors concerning the school portrait contract for the next three years. The board reviewed the bids and a motion was made, and approved unanimously, to accept the bid from Wagner Portrait Group for the 2019-2020, 2020-2021 and 2021-2022 school years.

In other policy and regulation action, Cooper reminded the board that during the last regular meeting he had presented new Board of Education Policies and Regulations recently updated by Missouri Consultants for Education. Most of the recommended policies and regulations are mandatory, he said, but a few were recommendations only. After reviewing the policies and recommendations, a motion was made and approved unanimously to approve all that were presented. They are:
—Policy 0320 - School Board Organization; School Board Elections.
—Policy 1210 - Calendar Requirements; School Year and School Day.
—Policy 2640 - Discipline; Student Use of Tobacco, Alcohol and Drugs; Smoking.
—Policy 3425 - Accounting and Reporting; Accountability Portal.
—Regulation 3165 - Procurement Standards; Federal Contracts.
—Regulation 6190 - Curriculum Services; Virtual Education.
The policies and regulations discussed above are available for public viewing in the district’s administrative offices, and will soon be available on the district’s website.

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