Aldermen hear Central Park sidewalk proposal, set start date for water and sewer rate increases

Wednesday, April 10, 2019

During the April 1 regular meeting of the Concordia Board of Aldermen, the board heard from a representative of the Concordia Lions Club in regard to a new sidewalk at Concordiaís Central Park.

Lion Mark Heins discussed the Lions Clubís desire to pay for a sidewalk to the Legacy Shelter. Heins said the club has approved up to $1,600 toward sidewalk, mostly to accommodate handicap accessibility. Heins had previously met with City Administrator Dale Klussman, Parks and Recreation Supervisor Jody Bergman, and Alderman Dwight Emde about the conceptual sidewalk.

Klussman stated Tom Rinne had estimated aggregate on top to match other sidewalks would be $4.50 per square foot. If it were a matter of priority, the sidewalk leading from Main Street to the Legacy Shelter would be first priority, so it would be handicap accessible to both shelters.

A motion was made and approved 4-0 to accept the Lionís Club offer of up to $1,600 to start phase one of the conceptual sidewalk.

The board also set the May 1 billing as the start date for increases in the water and sewer rates in Concordia.

During the March 18 regular meeting of the Concordia Board of Aldermen, the board unanimously approved changes to the cityís water rates.

Under the proposal, non-wholesale users would see a $2 increase for service availability, a 5 percent increase to Tier I, a 5 percent increase to Tier II, and a 3 percent to Tier III. The lowest userís bill would increase from an average of $13.96 per month to $16.09 per month, or an increase of approximately $25.56 per year. The highest non-wholesale customer will see a monthly average increase of $550.77 per month, or an increase of $6,609.24 annually.

The new rates would bring in $1,060,598 in revenue, and will result in an estimated surplus of $10,081 per year. The changes incorporate funding for maintenance agreements already in place.

In related business, the board unanimously approved an across-the-board 5 percent increase to the cityís sewer rates. The increase is estimated to generate an additional $8,060 in calculated revenues.

Under the new rates, the lowest userís bills will go from an average of $6.90 per month to $7.23 per month, for an estimated annual increase of $3.96. The highest non-wholesale userís bill is estimated to increase by $121.60 per month, or $1,459.20 per year. Estimated revenues should exceed historical expenses by $37,150.

During his report to the board, Mayor Michael Brown encouraged everyone present to vote in the next dayís election, stating there were several important questions on the ballot.

Alderman Larry Schnakenberg noted the cityís street sweeper has been very active and noted that the streets looks great.

Alderman Ken Fuchs noted he believes street sweeping is taking longer because of the amount of leaves in the streets. He also said he would like suggestions for something more permanent for the truck turn around west of state Highway 23. Maintenance is working on blading it now, but he feels it will always be an ongoing problem.

Alderman Dwight Emde reported that the roofs on the shade protection at the sports complex are complete and trim work is the only thing left to finish. He stated there is a problem with the walkway from the parking lot to the field because of the holes. He said Bergman did have Alan Riesterer look into chip and seal for the area, and the cost would be approximately $500.

Klussman stated the last time any work was done on the walkway, Bergman complained about the dust. Alderman Gabriel Woods asked which rock would be better for the chip seal and was told creek rock. Woods then suggested the city use creek rock, as it will hold better. Klussman stated he could call around about renting a rubber tire roller. Bergman noted he would like to see it completed in time for the I-70 conference tournament play at the end of April. Emde said he would like to see the city at least get cold mix to fix holes if chip seal canít be done in time for the tournament.

Klussman said he would work with Bergman to get this done.

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