Aldermen hear request for Boy Scout camp at lake, look into insurance options

Wednesday, May 8, 2019

During a special Concordia Board of Aldermen meeting held April 29, the board took into consideration a request by President McKell Young of the Concordia Church of Latter Day Saints for permission for their Boy Scout Troop to camp at Edwin A. Pape Lake from May 10-11. In his request, Young stated that activities would include kayaking and camping.

There was a question as to whether or not user permits apply to this situation. Alderman Rob Hemme stated that liability for the event would go back on the Scouts, and noted the city has granted special use permits in the past. Alderman Kaleb Nierman recommended a copy of liability insurance be presented.

A motion was made and approved unanimously to approve the LDS Boy Scout Troop to camp at the city lake and kayak without a use permit on May 10-11, with show of proof of liability insurance.

A discussion was held on options related to the city’s health insurance. The board reviewed information from MPR and the Missouri Chamber Federation. MPR was expecting a 19 percent increase health insurance costs this year. City Administrator Dale Klussman went over current health insurance rates and coverage with the board.

“Terry Norwood, chairman of MPR, wants to keep our business and has offered dropping OAP (Open Access Plus) 2500 and adding OAP 5000, or the CF (Choice Fund) 5000, and drop the tier on our vision coverage,” Klussman reported. “Missouri Chamber Foundation prices would increase the city’s costs by 100.3 percent. National General gave a quote, also with a 64.9 percent increase of current rates at this time, but this price is based on the census questions and not the application process.”

Klussman told the board that if the city had more time to complete the applications, National General could possibly be less expensive. He recommended going with MPR this year, eliminating OAP 2500 and replacing it with CF5000 plan. He also recommended developing a strategy team built of himself, a couple of employees, and an alderman representative to address health benefit programs that can be offered to employees.

Alderman Nierman stated that he thinks the coverage is terrible, with having to pay $4,000 out of pocket before coverage kicks in. Klussman stated that the city is required to give a 90-day notice if they decide to drop MPR. Alderman Hemme said he felt the city would need to go to self-insured to get the best benefits.

A motion was made and carried 4-0 to not cancel the insurance policy with MPR at this time.

In other business, the board voted unanimously to allow firework sales by Meramec Specialty and the CHS Booster Club to begin June 20, 2019.

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