Concordia School Board faces full agenda during special late June session

Wednesday, July 10, 2019

A full slate of business was on the agenda when the Concordia Board of Education met for a special session on June 27. The board quickly dispensed of the consent agenda, which included approval and payment of bills, setting the date for the next regular meeting, and accepting evaluations of Food Service, CSIP and Finance areas of the district. The board also approved final amendments to the 2018-2019 budget, as presented by Superintendent Brent Cooper.

Bids were discussed for distributor contracts for milk and juice, as well as bread and buns. Cooper reported that bids for milk and juice products had been received from Hiland, Robert’s Dairy, Graves and Anderson-Erickson. He also stated bids for the bread and bun products had been received from Bimbo Brands, Interstate Brands, Graves and Sara Lee.

At the recommendation of Cooper, who had opened the bids and consulted with kitchen staff, Hiland was chosen for the milk and juice products, and Graves was chosen to provide bread and bun products. Both bids were approved unanimously.

Discussion then turned to establishing prices for breakfast, lunch, milk and juice for the 2019-2020 school year.

“According to the DESE meal price software tool they provide for us to use, we need to raise all prices of our meals 10-cents, except for the adult lunch prices that were already increased last spring to be in compliance with our audit,” Cooper reported.

The board approved unanimously the following prices:
—Breakfast: students grades K through 6 - $1.55; students grades 7 through 12 - $1.70; adults - $2.35.
—Lunch: student grades K through 6 - $2.10; students grade 7 through 12 - #2.20; adults - $3.10.
—Extra milk or juice: $0.40.

Cooper reported the district had received an update on policies and regulations in June from Missouri Consultants for Education that the district needs to adopt in order to be in compliance with several state mandates. Board members had access to review the following policies and/or policy changes:
—Policy 2871 - Medical Marijuana: This policy prohibits any employee, other than the caregiver of their own child, from administering marijuana to students. The policy also encourages caregivers to administer the drug at home, when it is least likely to affect school behavior. Adoption is highly recommended.
—Policy 4870 - Drug Free Workplace: This policy prohibits staff from being in possession of, distributing, being under the influence of, and administering marijuana to students. Employees certified for medical marijuana are free to use the drug away from school and away from school activities. However, if the employee tests positive because of a pre-school use, he or she will be subject to disciplinary action. In addition, employees required by DOT to be tested for drugs and alcohol will not be permitted to use marijuana at any time. Adoption is highly recommended.
—Policy 5550 – Food Service Program: Non-discrimination language mandated by the Department of Agriculture and enforced by DESE has been added to food service policies. Adoption is mandatory.
No action was taken during the meeting, as this was the first reading of the policies.

Cooper presented a request for the board to approve a stipend for a Process Coordinator for the 2019-2020 school year.
“After the Special Education audit this past year, although we believe it to be successful, we do realize that having someone held with process coordinating would put our programs in a better position and provide more accountability and follow through,” Cooper stated. “It would also allow for our special services director to spend more time with staff and help maintain normal daily procedures/protocols. We would like to provide a stipend for someone ‘in district’ to take on these responsibilities when needed.”
The board unanimously approved a stipend of $5,650 for a Process Coordinator.

In addition, the board moved into closed session to evaluate and employ personnel. During the closed session, the following personnel decisions were approved:
—Employment for custodial staff: Salvador Garcia, summer 2019; Mark Luetjen, full-time custodian.
—Assistant High School Volleyball Coach: Staci Hon, 2019-20 school year.

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