Past Concordia Mayor Donald Holtcamp honored during plaque dedication ceremony

Wednesday, July 10, 2019
Members of the Donald Holtcamp family on hand to celebrate the placing of a plaque honoring the former Concordia city alderman and mayor included (front row, left to right) Ella Bearden, Christy Frerking and Katie Frerking; (middle row, left to right) Hannah Bearden, Theresa Frerking, Terri Holtcamp and Tyler Frerking; (back row, left to right) Chad Bruns, Raven Bruns, Pam Bruns, Ben Frerking, Rick Holtcamp and Kent Bruns.
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During a special ceremony held Saturday, June 29, in Concordia’s Central Park, Concordia Mayor Michael Brown dedicated a plaque on the memorial bench recognizing the accomplishments of the late Donald Holtcamp, a former Concordia city alderman and mayor. Brown also read excerpts from a letter he presented to relatives of Mr. Holtcamp.

“I am writing this letter in appreciation of the impact that Donald Holtcamp has made on the Concordia community for his entire life,” Brown read. “He loved this city and served it well.”

Holtcamp was a “fixture” within the government and politics of Concordia for 26 years. He served as an alderman for the city for 20 years (from 1990-2010) and then served “with distinction” as mayor for six years. And, as Brown puts it, he “did it right!”

“There were tough times, as always in politics, but ‘Mayor Don’ never sacrificed his basic principles and values to make an easy fix,” Brown stated in his letter. “He carried his Christian principles with him and (that) made him the successful servant that he was.”

According to those who knew him and those who worked alongside of him, Holtcamp helped Concordia to grow and prosper.

“And he took good care to see that both the employees and the citizens of Concordia were served well throughout his public life,” Brown wrote.

Brown then dedicated the plaque, alongside those placed earlier to honor former city leaders, in honor and memory of Holtcamp’s “devoted service to the city he loved.” Brown said it was appropriate that the plaque was being placed in Central Park, because Holtcamp loved the park and decorated it, with is family, for Christmas each year.

“We want to remember, with gratitude and appreciation, all the years of service and dedication he gave to the City of Concordia,” Brown said. “We as a community wish his family well. You have a lot to be proud of and I want you to know how honored I was to serve with Don and how proud we are that he is forever an unforgettable part of the Concordia community’s history.”

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