Aldermen discuss revenues, expenses in special work session

Tuesday, August 13, 2019

During a special meeting of the Concordia Board of Aldermen, the board discussed three-year revenues and expenses, and setting of potential cost-savings components within the General Fund. City Administrator Dale Klussman reported that a three-year year average was used in all formulas presented.

Events listed as affecting revenues this year included Cenex Eagle Stop being closed for seven months and Topsy’s being closed for a short time, both leading to a decrease in city revenues. Aquatics Center revenues and expenses were reviewed. Alderman Rob Hemme stated that Lee’s Summit pools are closing 2˝ weeks earlier this year because of loss of funds. Alderman Ken Fuchs thinks interest in the aquatic center decreases as the season progresses, and recommended the city close the pool on July 31. Fuchs would also like the city to raise admission fees to the center.

Alderman Kaleb Nierman stated he would like to talk to Parks Superintendent Jody Bergman about implementing different promotions at the center. Klussman said he would like the city to consider getting away from concessions and getting a 501(c)(3) organization to run the concessions. He also added the possibility of using vending machines. He said he had been speaking to Concordia Bank about prepaid cards onto which kids can load money. He is meeting on Aug. 20 with Concordia Bank about the prepaid cards.

Alderman Fuchs recommended the city study the idea of no concessions stands. He added maybe the city would opt to not hire anyone specifically to run concessions, but rotate lifeguards and get away from the points rewards vendors.

Expenses were reviewed, and Klussman would like the board to pick a dollar amount for oil so he can budget this amount. He is suggesting $50, 000 and would get about 39 percent of what is left on the west side of streets. Aldermen Dwight Emde and Rob Hemme suggested an amount of $60,000. Hemme asked about holding off on capital improvements and completing the street-oiling program. That way, he said, the street department wouldn’t have to ask for so much money. Klussman stated N.W. 8th Street would need some serious repairs if city crews held off any longer.

Klussman said he would like to suggest the yard waste site close down because of the extra costs the city is paying. Alderman Emde doesn’t mind keeping the site, but would like to see the tree trimmers pay to dump their trees. Alderman Fuchs recommended seeing what other cities are doing or closing the gate. Klussman suggested getting away with the e-waste and household hazardous waste drop-offs.

Motion made, and carried 4-0, to discontinue the contract with Solid Waste for collecting electronics and household hazardous waste.

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