Concordia Board of Aldermen discusses plans for street repairs, water and sewer extensions

Wednesday, September 11, 2019

At the Sept. 3 regular meeting of the Concordia Board of Aldermen, the board held discussion on accepting a four-year lease for street work funding and the benefit of extending water and sewer lines to a new development in the northern section of the city.

Discussion was heard on the awarding of the four-year lease in the amount of $250,000.
The board reviewed and discussed a letter from the local banks concerning the award of this lease and discussed bid tabulations with Joe McLiney of McLiney and Company Inc.
City Administrator Dale Klussman he respects said all the bids and appreciates everyone that took the time to submit bids.
“State Bank came in with the lowest bid at 1.7 percent,” Klussman said. “McLiney said his company would like to stay local as long as (local bids) are competitive.”
He said McLiney also stated they will likely have the closing for the lease on Sept. 23.
The board accepted the letter from both local banks written to the administration. A motion was made, and carried 3-0, to accept the bid from State Bank and to then accept with a resolution at the next meeting.

The board then took up discussion of the Cost/Benefit Analysis for city participation in the extension of water and sewer mains in the Alpaca Acre development. There are four lots currently with an estimated cost of $15,000 to extend the sewer. Klussman said single-family dwellings will be built and, calculating about 60 percent of the households would come into the city, this would benefit the businesses and city in the form of sales tax and estimated potential income would be over $720,000.
“This would bring in enough to warrant city participation,” Klussman said.
Alderman Ken Fuchs asked if there would be any other expenses expected with this development. Klussman stated curbing would be at the expense of the owner and maintaining the streets at a later time would be an expense to the city.
A motion made carried 3-0 to proceed with the city contribution of $15,000 for the improvements at Alpaca Acres.

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