Board of Aldermen discusses proposed street work, possible zoning related to medical marijuana

Wednesday, October 16, 2019

During the Oct. 3 regular meeting of the Concordia Board of Aldermen, the aldermen discussed proposed work on NW 8th St. City Administrator Dale Klussman shared an estimate from Tom Rinne in the amount of $12,887, and an estimate from Crockett Engineering for soil and concrete testing in the amount of $1,000.
The estimates are for proposed work to replace 59 feet of driving surface and 35 feet of curbing, with a recommendation to begin on north side of road, as it is the least impacted traffic wise in case the need arises to let it set for 28 days.
There was also a recommendation to saw cut in the middle to allow expansion and to have joints caulked with a special caulk that is warmed for the best overall seal. Rinne recommended 5,000 pounds of concrete, 12 inches thick with 3/4-inch rebar every two feet on centers, with the concrete being pinned on north side to curbing. Klussman recommended starting with their east entrance and, in the future, to start working to the east on NW 8th Street toward state Highway 23.
The project is scheduled to start at the end of November or early in December. While the Rinne crew is in town, Klussman said, he would like to have city crews work with Rinne on curbing that was damaged last year.
A motion was made and carried unanimously to proceed with the project.

Alderman Rob Hemme reported that the Planning and Zoning Commission had met on Oct. 3. One of the areas of discussion during the meeting was the review of a proposed ordinance dealing with zoning items related to the medical marijuana business.
Klussman attended the meeting and handed out copies of an overhead view of Concordia with circles representing a 1,000-foot radius around schools, churches and childcare facilities currently established in Concordia. According to the map, there are several areas that would qualify for medical marijuana dispensaries. These are areas:
—Seven Days Diner on NW 4th Street
—El Petron on NW 4th Street
—The lot between 202 and 206 NW 4th Street
—The former Dollar General/NAPA building at 206 NW 4th Street
—Approximately 500 feet of land west of 206 NW 4th Street
—A triangular tract of ground formerly the site of Evans Equipment
—Lands on the north side of East 1st Street
—All industrial grounds on east side of Missouri Highway 23
—Approximately 49 acres on the west side of Missouri Highway 23
Klussman reminded the commission that any change to the city’s Zoning Code requires a public hearing.
At the Oct. 7 meeting of the Board of Aldermen, the board granted the commission’s request and scheduled a public hearing for 7 p.m. Thursday, Nov. 7, at the Concordia Community Center.

The Planning and Zoning Commission also discussed a request from the Concordia Board of Education to create a “No Parking” zone of the south side of 12th SE Street to allow buses to negotiate a turn at the South Main Street and SE 12th Street intersection in a safe manner. The request stated that eliminating parking on the south side of the street would be safer for buses headed to the high school, and the impact of parking is negligible because there are no residences on that side of the street.
At the Oct. 7 regular meeting of the Board of Aldermen, the board voted unanimously to establish the requested “No Parking” zone, limited to 115 feet from the entrance of the turn to the alley between Main Street and Gordon.

The board entered into closed session for the personnel matters. No official action was taken during the closed session.

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