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Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Closing 2019 … Opening 2020
The elected officials, administration and all city staff want to wish you and yours a blessed and happy 2020.

With the change in years, we feel it is important to bring you up to date on some developments and changes you will see and hear about in 2020. Some of these items will be simple information related to Board of Aldermen actions which will take effect in 2020, some are simply goals that the board has stated they want to address in future upcoming Board of Aldermen meetings.

Edwin A. Pape Lake
The first change you will see, effective Jan. 1, 2020, is that there will be a charge for reserving of the Wedding Arbor and shelter houses at Edwin A. Pape Lake.

The reservation of the wedding arbor will be $175. The reservation includes the arbor, Lions’ Shelter and the surrounding areas.

The following is a schedule of rental for reservation of the Shelter Houses:

Lions’ Shelter $40

Civic Point Shelter: $20

The second change that will take effect on Jan. 1, 2020, is the change in permit fees for Edwin A. Pape Lake. The new rates are:

Individual Daily Passes: $5

Individual Season Passes: $12

Family Daily Passes: $6

Family Season Passes: $20

As has always been the case, user permits are required for fishing at Edwin A. Pape Lake. Fishing by pole only is permitted, and is limited to three lines. No trout line, bank line or jug line fishing is permitted.

Reservation of Shelters within City Parks
Effective Jan. 1, 2020, there will be a rental fee for the reservation of a shelter house in the city of Concordia’s Parks. As with the city lake reservation fees, these fees reserves the shelter for your event for the day, provides for the cleaning and trash collection for your event and maintenance of the surrounding grounds.

The rental rates for reservation of the shelters are:

Concordia Park-Lions’ Shelter: $40

Concordia Park-Civic Club Shelter: $20

Concordia Park-Highway 23 Shelter: $20

Central Park-Lions’ Shelter (East): $20

Central Park-Lions’ Legacy Shelter (West): $40

Complex Shelter: $20

It is the intent of the board to move forward in repair of the concrete streets this year. You can already see the improvement to a stretch of street surface on NW Eighth Street.

We will be working on a larger stretch of driving surface on the south side of NW Eighth Street, as well as the street right-of-way portion to the entrance of Travel Centers of America.

All work will be done in stages to lessen impact to traffic on NW Eighth Street. When completed, we will have repaired approximately 6,552-square feet of driving surface, utilizing approximately 250-cubic yards of concrete.

The board hopes to move forward with sectional repairs to NW Fourth Street upon completion of the work at NW Eighth. These maintenance projects are funded through receipts of the Fuel Use Tax approved by the voters.


The Board of Aldermen is currently considering options in enforcement for the removal of low-hanging tree limbs over streets throughout the city. These limbs pose potential liability risks to the city.

2020 promises to be another busy year. As always, there will be unexpected projects, concerns and issues that will turn up. We always appreciate the input from the citizens, and commit to you that we will strive to address any concern expressed by the citizens in the most diligent and thoughtful manner possible.

Once again, Happy New Year!!!

The City Council of the City of Concordia

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