CPD to host Crisis Intervention Training sessions in Concordia

Monday, June 24, 2019

The Concordia Police Department, along with the Missouri River CIT Council, will be hosting Basic Crisis Intervention Team training for law enforcement officers in Lafayette County and surrounding counties in July.

Chief Paul Mapes is making it required that all the Concordia Police Officers are CIT trained. A Crisis Intervention Team is a police mental health collaborative program. The term “CIT” is often used to describe both a program and training in law enforcement to help guide interactions between law enforcement and those living with a mental illness. The lack of mental health crisis services across the U.S. has resulted in law enforcement officers serving as first responders to most crises.

A CIT program is an innovative, community-based approach to improve the outcomes of these encounters. CIT programs create connections between law enforcement, mental health providers, hospital emergency services and individuals with mental illness and their families. Through collaborative community partnerships and intensive training, CIT improves communication, identifies mental health resources for those in crisis and ensures officer and community safety.

Mapes has been part of a Crisis Intervention Team since 2009, and currently is a member of the Missouri River CIT Council. Mapes said that he wants each officer trained and equipped to communicate and help any individual in the community who suffers with mental illness that is going through a crisis. He added that CIT training helps officers learn how to communicate so a situation does not escalate.

Basic CIT Training will be held at the Concordia Community Center on each Monday in July.

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