Faith in mankind restored for local woman

Wednesday, July 17, 2019
The good ‘Samaritans’ who restored a local woman’s faith in mankind by cutting up and removing a fallen Red Bud tree from her yard included (left to right) Kory McKnight, Ross Fiene, Kent Petty, Kerby McKnight, and helpers Konner and Kollin McKnight.
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In a day and time when it seems we can’t tell the “good guys” from the bad, a Concordia woman recently had her faith in mankind restored after a tree collapsed in her front yard. When Kris Fabry returned home from vacation on June 19, she found a large Red Bud tree in her front yard had blown down during a rainstorm.

“I wasn’t sure what to do,” she said. “A couple of days later I got an estimate to remove the tree from a tree service, but I felt it was just too high.”

Fabry was scheduled to have eye surgery a few days later, so she decided she would work on getting the tree removed upon completion of the procedure. Then, at 10 a.m. on June 22, she heard a noise in her front yard.

“I looked out and I saw three men, two boys, and a woman cutting up the tree and loading it on a trailer,” she said.

Fabry said she immediately started weeping when she recognized the three men as friends and classmates of her son Joe, who died Sept. 14, 2013, in an automobile accident.

“Apparently, Kerby McKnight had jogged by the house that morning and saw the situation,” Fabry said. “She went home and told her husband, Kory, to get his chainsaw. They called Ross Fiene and Kent Perry, who came immediately and took on the job. They had the tree cut up and cleared away in an hour!”

Fabry said she was deeply touched by the actions of those mentioned, and that she is sure her son would approve.

“I am so blessed and honored to live in a community where people care, love and look out for each other,” she said. “Joe would have been so proud!”

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